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Re: CLI firewall app

On Wed, 17 Apr 2013 17:41:04 +0100
Richard Bown <richard@g8jvm.info> allegedly wrote:

> Hi ,
> what is the firewall app in deb squeeze, I need to open a couple of
> ports on a headless nslu2. Also I seem to remember there is an app
> sorta like midnight commander for selecting and downloading packages,
> but that going a long way back to deb3 when I last plats with nslu2.
> thanks
by default debian uses iptables. There are a lot of applications which
will allow you to configure iptables (try searching "debian firewall")

However, you should find after a new installation of debian on the
slug that there are no restrictions imposed. Type "iptables -nvL" to
list the current policies in place.

The package management application is apt. Try man apt-get or man



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