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Debian Wheezy rootfs for Chromebook

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that I've put (after a bit of delay) a Debian
Wheezy rootfs for use on Chromebook at : 


and it is *almost* ready to use. You must have read the various blogs that
describe how to get Ubuntu or Fedora on Chromebook; so if you want to use
Debian instead, just use this root fs. It is as vanilla as it gets, as it
comes out of multistrap.

What you need to do is, when you follow the instructions from the blog you
prefer (e.g. http://is.gd/JgQtff, http://is.gd/pmOmUj, http://is.gd/PcwBqy)
for getting something else on Chromebook besides ChromeOS, in the step that
suggests to download a root filesystem get this one instead.

Then you need to copy the ALSA ucm configuration files for DAISY, the kernel
modules and firmware files in the right locations, complete the set of
instructions you follow and it *should just work* :)

More info is in the README in the repository above, that should be used in
conjunction with the info in one of the blogs.

I will shortly share the script that I wrote that generates this filesystem,
in case you want to use it for creating your own version; and I will also
give a summary of how I put that together (if you fancy reading about

Many thanks to Steve McIntyre for the space in the git repo and to hrw for
the firmware tips ;)

Vassilis L.

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