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Re: Novena open laptop

Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> writes:


>> > The SoC is a Freescale i.MX6Q, which should be able to run the armhf
>> imx6q or dual lite according to them, which is a little weird, as
>> they're talking of sata and there's no sata on dual lite.
> Well there are other ways to attach storage.

what would be the point of using an extra pci* / usb sata bridge while
you can get one for "free" ? [ if they want dualcore, they could have used
the imx6 dual, which does have sata ].

>> > port.  We currently have an mx5 kernel flavour for Freescale's previous
>> > generation, but it looks like it would be possible to support both with
>> > a single configuration (plus DT) now.
>> It can be added into the mx5 flavour but as it's DT-only in the kernel,
>> it should rather be part of a multiplatform kernel flavour. It's on
>> my todo list but I was mainly waiting 3.7 to see how it goes.
> It would be great if we could get all or armhf using DT and just provide
> UP and SMP flavours (and then maybe add RT if people are interested).

I'm not sure that all armhf boards have been converted atm (at least on
imx side), so I guess we'll have to keep the actual flavours until
they've all been converted. Oh, and while we're at counting flavours, we may
even need at least one more for LPAE.


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