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Re: Re: Sending a simple mail from debian slug

Well, I have not applied the option to shutdown the slug with the
power button, so I just unplug the power.
Don't shut down systems by yanking the power.
-blush- I just didn't know or look for the command "sudo shutdown -h now"... Will do next time. Although I can't do it now, as I can't open ssh.

Unless you have multiple file systems on your stick
I have the exact file system as outlined on cyrius.com.

Your best bet might be to re-install Debian on the slug, then configure exim (unless of course youhave a backup of the file system).
Actually I did create an image with partimage before adjusting the mail settings. After applying it to my stick, the slug didn't boot completely. (Up to here: Status LED is blinking green and amber.)At the time of creating the image the ssh login worked.

Anyway, I'll start over and get back to you once the system is running normally.

Thanks so far!

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