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Re: potential new build hardware, "arndaleboard" samsung exynos 5,2GB ram

Hi Kevin,

Kevin Bortis <Kevin.Bortis <at> ruf.ch> writes: 
> Actually, I have one arndale board up and running. Over the weekend I
> have recompiled our embedded Debian based dist and it is awesome fast. I
> have attached an 256GB Samsung 830 Series SSD on the SATA3 port and got
> ~250MB/s write speed (dd from /dev/zero). The board consumes around 4W
> in idle, 6.2W with one core processing and 8W with both cores near 100%
> without the SSD. I would say that the overall performance is better than
> our 1.6GHz dual core Intel Atom board.

Thanks, that's very useful to know.  A couple of questions:

- Can it be made to power up ON?  Or is it always necessary to press a power-on
button after connecting the power, like certain other boards?

- Does it ship with a heatsink on the CPU?  How warm does the CPU package get?

I am considering putting one in a 1U rack case in a warmish server room for a
few years...

Cheers,  Phil.

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