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Re: Help needed after updating Debian on QNAP TS-109 Pro II

2012/9/22 Juha Larjomaa <juha.larjomaa@iki.fi>:
> I have been happily running Squeeze from a USB stick on my QNAP TS-109 Pro
> II for a long time. Today, I decided to update my system with 'apt-get
> upgrade'. Some packages were updated but I saw that some files were "kept
> back" by apt-get - so I decided to run 'apt-get dist-upgrade' without
> knowing any better.

I noticed this only today, but happy to hear it all worked out for you.

I've been running the same device with Debian for years now, and I've
unattended-upgrades running so I've always gotten all the updates. I
have rebooted occasionally after kernel security fixes. My only
problem was when I decided to migrate the hard drive I'm running
Debian also from to ext4...
http://losca.blogspot.fi/2012/07/where-computing-takes-you.html but
even that turned out well :)

I look forward to seeing how squeeze -> wheezy will go. I have a RS232
to 3.3V TTL adapter bought from some online shop that I successfully
used for installing Debian via a TS-109 Pro II's serial port back in
the days of etch.


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