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Re: Debian on Synology DS-209

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* Edward Adame <eadame@rackspace.com> [2012-09-07 20:51]:
> Hello, Martin… thanks very much for all the useful information on your site regarding Debian on Qnap.  I'm interested in doing the same thing with my Synology NAS and it doesn't seem like anyone has done this before.  I'm fairly sure I can create a firmware file that the NAS will accept and write to disk, however, I have no idea what would happen next if I use your kernel image and initrd…
> It seems to me that the hardware on the DS-209 is very similar (nearly identical) to the Qnap TS-21x devices with the exception that it only has 256 MB RAM.  Debian Squeeze seems to support this, but I'm not sure what Qnap specific tweaks may be in your installer than would leave me dead in my tracks.  If I could get to a root shell I'm sure I could take it from there but… I'm a little leery of trying this without at least reaching out to you.
> First… are you aware of anyone trying something this stupid?? :-)  Second, any words of advice before I put the hardware at risk?  If I brick it, so be it… but like I said, I'd like this to be a success because I'm sure there are many others that would like to do the same…
> Thanks in advance,
> Ed Adame

Martin Michlmayr

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