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Re: Fwd: Help needed debugging on ARM

Hi Michael,

On 29.08.2012 09:35, Michael Wild wrote:
> I want to resolve a very strange build failure that is happening on all
> ARM architectures. The package builds some of its documentation images
> with asymptote, which fails [1].

I don't think that this problem is armel related. The error message from
[1] indicates "Extra }, or forgotten $." when building the documentation
and the release notes for 0.1.1 from [2] mention "Markup fixes in the
documentation ". It seems to me that these two issues may very well be
You may want to build 0.1.1 (or even 0.1.2, released 2012-07-23) in
order the validate the issue. A diff for the plain_Label.asy file of
these three versions may shed some light, too.


Stefan Peter

[2] http://freefoam.sourceforge.net/

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