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Re: AArch64 planning BoF at DebConf

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
How much of the arm* silliness is there actually? There's already quite
significant changes between various arm sub-architectures,
While there have been some changes they have been gradual and  afacit it is
possible to write inline assembler that will work on pretty much any arm linux
system. Still some upstreams do the wrong thing (which reminds me, I need to
go file a bug against gnuradio).

Wheras AIUI from steeves talk aarch64 assembler will be totally incompatible
with 32-bit arm assembler. So any build system that ends up treating
aarch64 the same as 32-bit arm will almost certainly be doing the wrong thing.

 so matching
on arm* can already be considered a bad idea.

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