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glibc: disabling armhf ldconfig support


At the end of last year the patch unsubmitted-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff
has been added, but has not been submitted upstream despite asking a few
times. This patch provides correct ldconfig support for systems with
both armel and armhf libraries.

The situation is now that this patch breaks MIPS N64 support due
to a missing break in a case (easily fixable), but also that upstream
has reused the same tag value for x32 support:

  Debian 2.13:
    #define FLAG_ARM_HFABI          0x0800

  Upstream HEAD:
    #define FLAG_X8664_LIBX32       0x0800

As a consequence the armhf value will have to be changed in the future,
which might have some side effects.

For now I guess the best change is simply to disable this patch for
wheezy, which is already done in the SVN, and will land to send in the
next upload. I'll ask debian-release to allow migration of the package
to wheezy. I am also ready to re-enable this patch for wheezy once it
has been merged upstream, or even when at least the tag value is merged


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