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Re: armel v4t vs v5

2012/4/18 Wookey <wookey@wookware.org>:
> I just asked and the answer seems to be 'some, but not much'. There
> are a few more useful instructions which should amount to a few
> percent speed improvement, but the gains are not exciting, which does
> suggest leaving it at v4t until really no-one cares anymore.

+1 for this. Armel at this point is clearly for a bit more legacy
devices, and Debian is one of the rare distros that support ARMv4.
Thus many embedded devices are likely to run Debian, and might run for
years and years. Any single digit percentage increase in performance
would make a switch to ARMv5 just a technological exercise for
builders, but a net loss for users.

The move to ARMv7 is going on strong, and armhf is here to provide the
performance. Raspberry Pi lives on the unfortunate middle ground that
would like to have ARMv6 with hard-float, but that's another story...

-Timo (disclaimer: owner of a couple of FreeRunners, but also an ARMv5 device)

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