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Re: armhf multiarch tuple

Steve McIntyre wrote:

> They'll be upwardly-compatible (i.e. they'll work on v7), but not in
> reverse. armhf is explicitly defined to be ARMv7+, using VFPv3-D16 (no
> Neon). That's standardised across distros too.
> There's a chance that some of the armhf binaries might run on v6, but
> if so it's only by chance and not guaranteed.

This is in contrast with i386-linux-gnu, where the definition is
80386+ and actual binaries from distros and others tend to require
something more modern like 486+ or 586+.  (In other words, for the
sake of setting filesystem paths there is no need to be strict about
the instruction set.)  As long as all the distros are using ARMv7+
anyway, I don't think this will come up much, so I don't mind.

The question to ask is: if someone builds an ARMv6+ library using the
hard-float ABI, where should they place it on the filesystem?

Thanks for explaining.


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