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Re: Questions regarding armhf port for Raspberry Pi

On Tue, Apr 03, 2012 at 11:29:05PM -0700, Mike Thompson wrote:
> I used the --foreign option because as far as I can tell, the armhf
> binaries can only run after I do a chroot.  Obviously the kernel stay the
> same on each side of the chroot.  I do the first stage debootstrap on the
> armel side of things, chroot, and complete the deboostrap on the armhf side
> of things.  Perhaps debootstrap doesn't actually execute any of the armhf
> code -- I'll leave off the --foreign option off and see what happens.  It
> will make things a little easier if it works.

debootstrap DOES chroot before running the binaries.  --foreign is to
allow you to extract packages on your x86 desktop, and then copy the
chroot to another system and finish the debootstrap run there with a
cpu and kernel that support the binaries.

Len Sorensen

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