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Re: Initscripts concurrency clarification req.

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 01:02:32PM +0530, Prasant J wrote:
> I have written my custom scripts and also set the proper dependencies.
> What I want to achieve is that ScriptB should be executed only after
> ScriptA completes. In ScriptB I have specified ScriptA in the
> Required-Start section of script headers. What I see is that ScriptA
> is started before ScriptB but ScriptB is started even before ScriptA
> is completed.
> Is there any option to specify dependency towards completion of a script?

That's more of a debian-user question, since it actually doesn't matter
what architecture you are on.

I have never seen insserv start a script before successful completion
of a required-start script.  Of course this assumes you are using the
right syntax to specify services in each script and that you are actually
using insserv with dependancy based booting.

Len Sorensen

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