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Re: libreoffice, mingw-w64, gcc-mingw-w64 and gnat-4.6 on armhf

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 5:48 AM, Stephen Kitt <steve@sk2.org> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> On Fri, Feb 03, 2012 at 02:36:17AM +0000, peter green wrote:
>> Libreoffice hasn't yet been built on armhf. I consider libreoffice
>> to be a reasonablly important package and one that we need to get in
>> before we can claim we have a reasonablly complete port.
> [...]
>> This (build-)dependency chain leaves me with a few questions
>> 1: what is the current status of gnat-4.6 on armhf? does an upload
>> look likely any time soon?
>> 2: why does libreoffice need mingw-w64 in the first place?
> libreoffice uses mingw-w64 to build a DLL, unowinreg.dll, which is
> provided in the libreoffice-dev package. As I understand it the DLL
> itself isn't used on Debian, but it is provided by the SDK because it
> is supposed to be bundled with plugins which need to access the
> registry, and therefore to be able to correctly build "shippable"
> plugins using Debian the SDK packages need to provide the DLL.

 it's even more hilarious than that: it's actually because java can't
access windows registry functions, so someone wrote a c-based DLL
which java *can* bind to.  the fact that the end-result of the
mingw-w64 cross-compiler output would be an x86 64-bit DLL, which
simply wouldn't even run on an ARM processor anyway seems to have
entirely escaped everyone's attention.

 i describe the chain here, and have made a request on behalf of the
sanity of the debian-arm team that the libreoffice developers consider
adding a compile-time switch to remove the complete mental brain-fart
retardation from the software for which they are responsible:


let's see if they have a sense of humour, eh?


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