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Re: Re: Moving root directory on a QNAP TS219P

>> On a normal x86 box, it would be a matter of changing the grub options to 
>> point the kernel at the new drive, using UUID or /dev/sdx#.  On this nifty 
>> little armel box, I have no idea how to change the kernel command line to 
>> point at a new root partition.

>We don't change the kernel command line at all on the QNAP.  Instead,
>we hardcode the root device into the ramdisk (which is loaded from

>In order to change it, you have to edit /etc/fstab and regenerate the
>ramdisk: update-initramfs -u

>Make sure the result is written to flash.  If it is not done
>automatically, you can run 'flash-kernel' manually.


That did work for me.  Of course I lost a day to troubleshooting when I forgot 
to create /sys on the new drive.  Even the smartest of us can make really 
stupid mistakes, and I ain't the smartest of us...

Mark Small

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