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Re: Wanted: superstar hacker to complete Mono port to armhf

Hello Jo,

I am forwarding the message to a couple mailing lists which might have
people interested on the Mono porting for ARM hard-float ABI.

2012/2/2 Jo Shields <directhex@apebox.org>:
> Right now, Mono is available in Debian armhf. This is a hack - what
> we're actually doing is building Mono as an armhf binary, but built to
> emit soft VFP instructions and using calling conventions and ABI for
> armel. This hack works well enough for pure cross-platform code (like
> the C# compiler) to run, but dies in a heap for anything complex.
> This situation is a bit on the crappy side of crap.
> In order for Mono on armhf not to be a waste of time, a "true" port
> needs to be completed. If I were to make a not-remotely-educated guess,
> I'd say it needs about 550 lines of changes, primarily the addition of
> code to emit the correct instructions feeling the correct registers in
> mono/mini/mini-arm.c plus a couple of tweaks to related headers.
> Upstream have also indicated that they're happy to provide guidance and
> pointers on how to implement this port, although they're unable to
> provide the requisite code themselves.
> Sadly, unless someone in the community is able to step forward and
> contribute here, it's only a matter of time before the armhf packages
> are rightfully marked RC-buggy, and 100+ packages need to be axed from
> armhf. This would make me sad.

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