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Wanted: superstar hacker to complete Mono port to armhf

Right now, Mono is available in Debian armhf. This is a hack - what
we're actually doing is building Mono as an armhf binary, but built to
emit soft VFP instructions and using calling conventions and ABI for
armel. This hack works well enough for pure cross-platform code (like
the C# compiler) to run, but dies in a heap for anything complex.

This situation is a bit on the crappy side of crap.

In order for Mono on armhf not to be a waste of time, a "true" port
needs to be completed. If I were to make a not-remotely-educated guess,
I'd say it needs about 550 lines of changes, primarily the addition of
code to emit the correct instructions feeling the correct registers in
mono/mini/mini-arm.c plus a couple of tweaks to related headers.

Upstream have also indicated that they're happy to provide guidance and
pointers on how to implement this port, although they're unable to
provide the requisite code themselves.

Sadly, unless someone in the community is able to step forward and
contribute here, it's only a matter of time before the armhf packages
are rightfully marked RC-buggy, and 100+ packages need to be axed from
armhf. This would make me sad.

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