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Re: Bug#615513: release.debian.org: armhf inclusion into the archive

An initial push of packages to testing occurred with tonight's britney
run.  There's a certain amount of uninstallability and loads of missing
packages still, but it's a start :)
I guess the next step is to try and get it to the point where it is bootstrapable. When I tried to bootstrap it I got a failure on being unable to find mount. On
trying to enter the resulting chroot I noticed bash was missing. On checking
Whether bash was in the packages file or not I found it was not.

So lets try to follow the trail of why armhf bash isn't in.

It seems bash isn't in because bash-static depends on passwd (source package shadow) It seems shadow isn't in because login and passwd depend on libpam-modules (source package pam) It seems pam isn't in because libpam-modules and libpam-cracklib depend on libdb5.1 (source package db) It seems db isn't in because the source versions in testing and unstable are different. It seems the source versions of db in testing an unstable are different because jcristau put a block on it It seems that jcristau blocked it because of waiting for the fix for 651333 (source package openldap) And it seems that openldap is being held out of testing by testsuite failures on kfreebsd (654824) :(

Note that this doesn't make armhf a release architecture at this point,
and port-specific bugs are still not RC.



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