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Re: Does anyone recommend the Smart Book from Always Innovating

> On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 12:25 AM, Marek Vasut <marek.vasut@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Why not get EfikaMX Smartbook instead?
>  how do you get on with viewing large documents, large web pages, long
> PDFs, large images, source code or in fact anything that requires not
> looking through a letterbox?
>  do you find that the constant page-up, page-down, page-up, page-down
> becomes natural?  or, is it that subconsciously you hadn't noticed,
> but find that for some reason you seem just.... unable to contemplate
> using that 1024x600 LCD for serious long-term work?
>  i.e. is it a toy or is it a serious-usage device?

I use it when I travel abroad ... if someone steals it, I can always get a 

And it don't seem to have trouble working with source code -- kernel hacking and 
u-boot on a remote machine.

Firefox is OK too so why bother.

>  there's a reason why the ippad went back to the 1024x768 LCD size
> that so fell out of fashion.
>  absolutely nowhere in china (internally) does anyone buy the 1024x600
> LCD size in large volume.  they all have the smaller devices (800x600,
> whatever), accept its limitations for out-and-about and jaw-droppingly
> low price, then use a large 14in or greater laptop for serious work.
>  l.

Well I have Lenovo W510 + big LCD for serious work ( = many terminal windows 
with many VIMs opened ;-) ). But still, for remote work, the device is fine. 
Though once you get used to high-end ThinkPad keyboards, you'll cetainly have 
trouble adapting to anything less-high-class. Otherwise, the device is light so 
easy to carry with.

Now that I have U-Boot which can be used without serial console (I have both LCD 
and keyboard working there + USB too), I can hack on the device itself with no 
external stuff ;-)


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