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Re: Do you have a lot of free time and an urge to contribute mobile phone packaging to Debian?

2011/10/22 green <greenfreedom10@gmail.com>:
> Thanks for contributing the hardware; the N900 would/will be a great device
> if/when it is fully supported by open source software.  I would like to
> purchase one sometime if it looks like I can run (real) Debian on it,
> especially if I can do so with mainline Linux.

To be fair, I did get the device for free as well, mostly in order to
work on MeeGo stuff which I did. Anyway, it's good not to have such a
potential developer device mostly unused. I would have originally
donated it to a local MeeGo device program for developers, but they
already had a couple of free N900:s in their inventory so I thought
I'd turn towards the Debian community. Work done in Debian tends to
help everyone as well...


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