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Re: Do you have a lot of free time and an urge to contribute mobile phone packaging to Debian?

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 11:02:16AM +0300, Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> Hi,
> The title says it mostly. There is a lot of work to be done on
> hardware adaptation / kernel support, middleware (FSO2 / oFono) and UI
> (SHR, Mer/Nemo/MTF, Aurora) regarding mobile phones. For a few devices
> it's mostly taking code from upstream and packaging.


> Why I'm asking it more precisely is that I have a spare Nokia N900,
> for which there is now basic, probably untested support in fso-deviced
> [1] and related packages. What would be needed on that middleware
> level is similar to fso-common's [2] fso-gta01/fso-gta02 meta packages
> for Neo 1973 / Neo FreeRunner phones, polished together with its
> dependencies so far that the apt-get install fso-n900 would bring the
> phone functionalities online (then apt-get install some UI and off you
> go).

note that fso-gsmd is currently build without isi (used to
communicate with N900's modem) support, but that's just temporary
until libisi is packaged and available in Debian.

creating fso-n900 is not really a problem. Probably work for some

> This of course assumes that first you have a kernel from somewhere
> and otherwise normal Debian armel/armhf rootfs - which brings one
> next into packaging the hardware adaptation for OMAP3/N900 into
> Debian. 

we have a working -omap kernel in armhf btw. Currently it's missing
touchscreen support (only platform data is missing, I will take care
of this next) and modem support (since it's not in the mainline
kernel, I'm already nagging the kernel devs to include it).

I'm working on getting full N900 support into the -omap Debian
kernel, but since Debian uses the mainline kernel as base this
needs some time ;)

> UIs are common ground with other Debian mobile phoners,
> like the pkg-fso team [3] which you should probably anyway join to
> contribute to FSO packages.

some UI parts of maemo should be ported, too (e.g. the camera
application [Debian kernel has no camera support atm, though]).

> Finally, remember to check out the recent Mobile UXes BoF report
> [4], which should be updated with the fact that MeeGo is now
> called Mer on the community side and MeeGo CE - the
> OMAP3/N900/N950/N9 hw adaptation and handheld UX project - is now
> called Nemo.

It's also missing the CSSU efforts [5].

Last but not least let me also link to pkg-n900 [6] for all N900
specific packages/documentation.

[5] http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_SSU
[6] http://wiki.debian.org/pkg-n900

-- Sebastian

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