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Re: Request for information


>> If you don't know how to rebuild debian-installer, you could just take
>> the QNAP installer and modify that.
> I will give a try with a cross build.

Currect debian-installer compile in an armel crosschain and works great,
but with a tweak. need to change the machid.
Ethernet module of current linux kirkwood, when using a machid of
SheevaPlugs or GuruPlugs, take the network link at 10 Mb.

I already send a bug report about this.
Here what the tests give :

> ~ # uname -ar
> Linux (none) 2.6.32-5-kirkwood #1 Mon Sep 26 05:14:28 UTC 2011 armv5tel GNU/Linux
> ---
> ID (hex)	NAME						eth0
> 00000690	Marvell DB-88F6281-BP Development Board		1000 Mb/s
> 00000691	Marvell RD-88F6192-NAS Development Board	1000 Mb/s
> 00000692	Marvell RD-88F6281 Reference Board		1000 Mb/s
> 0000078c	Marvell 88F6281 GTW GE Board			1000 Mb/s
> 00000a76	Marvell eSATA SheevaPlug Reference Board	10 Mb/s
> 00000831	Marvell SheevaPlug Reference Board		10 Mb/s
> 00000a63	Marvell GuruPlug Reference Board		10 Mb/s

>>> The method need to be out-of-box, and simpliest as possible.
>>> Like the one you have already done for thecus.
>> Which device are we talking about here?
> The device is the IcyBox IB-6220-B.
> The factory u-boot annouce it as a DB-88F6281A-BP LE.
> Its a sheevaplug like device with 256 MiB RAM/NAND only.

May be it need to be add to the u-boot and linux.
Do not know the process steps to check add for current hardware.

Sheevaplugs, with a machid 690 give good results in stock firmware
(fedora) and in Debian.

Gk2 [:-]

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