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Re: small error (?) in sheeva install guide

Martin Michlmayr a écrit :
Hi Laurent,

* Laurent Lesage <laurent@2lconsult.be> [2011-08-19 16:13]:
Just noticed this : when using a SD card, the command to initialize the
card is "mmcinit" instead of "mmc init". But maybe it is due to the fact
that I still use a marvell version of uboot and not the DXEN version?

Yes, 'mmcinit' changed to 'mmc init'.
Moreover, I get lots of R/W error when booting from the DS/HC card and
it doesn't work. With an usb stcik, it works without any problem (smal
errors at boot time when reading some part of mtdblock0 but it does not
seem to hav any consequence).

No idea.  Maybe the card is broken?  Can you try upgrading u-boot?
The card works well on linux (fdisk, mkfs, e2fsck, normal usage). It's a brand new kingston 8GB 100x. So I suppose the problem comes from uboot? I could try the DENX uboot. Does someone have a good experience with the SD/HC card support with DEXN?
For the moment, I would prefer to use USB stick, as they work without any problem.
What would you suggest?
And if I want to use the DENX, is there a way to dowload it as binary or do I have to compile from source?

Thanks ahead


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