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Re: Experiences on using zram with ARM?

zram... there actually exists something called "Z-Ram", it was bought
by one of the major companies: it's actually 3D (stacked) ram and thus
you get a significantly higher memory density.  thus, the use of the
name "zram" caused some confusion, that you had access to this quite
rare type of RAM memory cell technology.

http://code.google.com/p/compcache/ which mentions "ramzswap" as part
of the name of the device, not zramswap?

so, to be clear: you mean compcache, which requires (for optimal
performance) notification from the linux kernel to the compcache
device, patches for which have not been accepted into mainline linux
kernel upstream.  if you *do not* want to use this notification
system, then you should just be able to build the invididual kernel
module and *not* recompile the entire linux kernel, but what the hell:
it's not a massive deal anyway.

i hear that there are other schemes besides compcache: you might wish
to investigate those as well.  some apparently do weird stuff like
optimise zero'd out pages (for which firefox is notorious...)


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