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Re: fpc build problems on some debian armel buildds

Hector Oron wrote:

2011/7/1 peter green <plugwash@p10link.net>:

I'd say It makes sense to upload a manual build to the archive. We want to
keep the version in the archive reasonablly current because if it gets too
old that can cause difficulties of it's own upgrading to the latest version
(building freepascal is only officially supported with either the current
version or one version prior to current).

In such case I'll proceed with the upload. Thanks for the diagnostics.
A version with a patch for the issue that we believe has been causing the failures on the buildds has now been uploaded. Unfortunately the existing version in the archive failed to build the new patched version on the buildds so I hereby request another manual build (hopefully for the last time).
Kind regards,

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