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Re: SD card robustness?

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 01:14:43PM -0400, tai viinikka wrote:
> Thanks, Lennart for answering, and Peter for raising a question that
> troubles me. I run a whole box from an SD card.
>  (But I have NFS and a NAS for anything that will be frequently
> written. **If I know about it**.)
> Because I followed Martin Michlmayr's instructions for installing on
> my new Sheevaplug, I have my root partition as Ext2. I also took the
> initiative (based on a very little understanding) of mounting stuff
> with "noatime".  Do either of these factors help?
> Any other recommendations or thoughts, assuming Lennart's worst-case
> is true and my card doesn't implement wear levelling?
> (Assume I do good backups and a 4-8 GB SD card is cheap by my standards.)

Well I would be VERY surprised if Sandisk doesn't do good wear leveling.
Their compact flash cards have excellent wear leveling as far as I know.
Of course this is SD.

Now whether the 'for wii' means anything I don't know.  Could they have
made some assumptions about usage patterns based on it being used in
a Wii?  No idea.

Len Sorensen

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