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Re: SD card robustness?

On 14-Jun-2011 12:02, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 03:15:59PM +0100, peter green wrote:
I run debian on my beagleboard with the root filesystem on a SD
card. Specifically a "sandisk for Wii" 2GB card. Recently the area
surrounding the start of the ext3 root partition went bad nuking the
superblock and thereby rendering the system unbootable.
However i'm worried it might happen again. Has anyone else seen
similar issues running linux with root on SD card. Should I be
buying something special and/or using a different filesystem? SD
cards are supposed to have built in wear leveling right?
...  They could choose to
do no wear leveling at all, but then the card wouldn't last very long.
This doesn't mean some cheap cards don't take that route.

Thanks, Lennart for answering, and Peter for raising a question that troubles me. I run a whole box from an SD card. (But I have NFS and a NAS for anything that will be frequently written. **If I know about it**.)

Because I followed Martin Michlmayr's instructions for installing on my new Sheevaplug, I have my root partition as Ext2. I also took the initiative (based on a very little understanding) of mounting stuff with "noatime". Do either of these factors help?

Any other recommendations or thoughts, assuming Lennart's worst-case is true and my card doesn't implement wear levelling?
(Assume I do good backups and a 4-8 GB SD card is cheap by my standards.)

Cheers, and thanks,

tai viinikka || tai@eastpole.ca

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