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Re: Does anyone care about LSB on arm?

thanks, have a poke around and tell me / OCTO what it means to join in, what the costs and benefits are etc...


On 06/01/11 22:36, Steve McIntyre wrote:
On Wed, Jun 01, 2011 at 07:32:18AM +0900, David Rusling wrote:
On 06/01/11 01:22, Wookey wrote:

As this is a non-trivial amount of work, the question then arises,
does anyone care about this enough to actually do the work? Linaro is
an obvious organisation that could expend some engineering effort on
this, but to do that it needs some indication that it's more than a
    the short answer is 'yes'.   The next question is 'who?'.
Absolutely, yes. It makes a lot of sense for the growing number of
people looking to collaborate here to pool their efforts in an
existing central spec/location.

Maybe this can be bolted onto the hard float work, I'll let
Konstantinos and Steve respond...
Ah, I guess I've just volunteered myself haven't I? :-)

/me goes to subscribe to the LSB lists and start reading things.


David Rusling, CTO

Lockton House
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