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Re: Installation fails after "done, booting the kernel."

On May 31, 1:50 pm, Martin Michlmayr <t...@cyrius.com> wrote:
> Try adding earlyprintk to the kernel parameter and you might get more
> debugging output.

I think I found the root of the problem. My colleague followed the
instructions to install debian on the dockstar, and the instructions
are not really clear about upgrading the boot-loader. I misread the
documentation as well and thought the boot-loader on the dockstar had
to be replaced. So we flashed the sheevaplug bootloader into the
dockstar, which seems to work pretty well, with the observed

So now I need to find a uboot.bin-file for dockstar that I can "bubt"
and I hope I will be all set then.


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