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Re: Bug#623747: svgalib: FTBS on armel


On Wed, 2011-05-04 at 02:01:18 +0100, peter green wrote:
> I see two ways of fixing the uninstallability.
> 1: apply the patch the submitter of this bug supplied and change
> packages-arch-specific allow the buildds to build svgalib on armel
> (and possiblly other architectures).

I've implemented a different change, but it should also fix the issue
at hand. I'll be requesting an update to the P-a-s entries.

> What i'm not sure on is which is the correct path. I know there have
> been arm boxes that use PC graphics hardware in the past but I don't
> know if they are compatible with svgalib or indeed whether they are
> compatible with the debian armel port.

The portability fixes I introduced some time ago allow svgalib to use
the framebuffer if the I/O drivers are not buildable.

> Depending on the responses I get I will either raise the severity of
> this bug or file a new rc bug against fp-units-gfx-2.4.2

Well, I don't think this bug RC, as the package has never been built
there. Anyway packages on their way to the archive now.


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