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Re: Anyone here made a "TV computer"?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl <at> lkcl.net> writes:  
>  so let's assume you're happy with 1080p30 (when all the DVB2 and
> ISDB-T broadcasts will be 1080p50 or 1080p60... *sigh*...)

I only notice the difference in video resolution when the plot is failing to
hold my attention....
>  the list is something like: Samsung's S5PV210 (and S5PC110); NXP's
> PNX8491 (bought out by tridentmicro recently); TI's OMAP4440; Ziilab's
> ZMS-08 (watch out for this one: creativelabs are GPL violators, see
> latest list.gpl-violations.org post), Telechips TCC8902 (ARM11,
> massive GPL violations going on with this one)

How about also:

- NVidia Tegra 250
- ST-Ericsson Nova A9500 (i.e.

>  [ oh wait - there's that marvell armada 610, but who wants to sign
> marvell's NDAs to get at the required info?? ]

Interesting; I didn't realise Marvell had anything with video.

>  regarding DVB hardware: use a USB dongle, for goodness sake.

Indeed, that's not a difficult aspect.

>  i installed the linux pvr project several years ago, got on with it
> quite well, but now am quite happy with the command-line tool, scantv,
> to find the stations, and then just use "xine dvb://{program name}"
> and it works really well.  ...but i'm a luddite

Me too...

> yeahhh, bottom line: i'd pick a pandaboard and use DVB dongles and
> USB-to-SATA converters.  the OMAP44xx has a 4-port hub built-in so you
> will *not* be overloading one single USB channel with SATA data.

I thought it had an external chip that combined a USB hub with an ethernet
controller.  That probably still isn't a bottleneck, though.

I also googled for variations on "open linux arm set top box", and as you might
guess there is some x86 stuff and various dead links....

BTW, not completely off-topic, I have just turned on my "tit cam" for the
season.  So far the time lapse videos are unexciting but you can see last year
or 2008 for some high speed bluetit procreation:  http://chezphil.org/titcam/ .
 That used to be slug-powered, but now has my QNAP TS-119 behind it.

Cheers,  Phil.

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