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Re: Debian ARM architectures and subarchitectures

On Mon, Apr 04, 2011, Hector Oron wrote:
> static const char *supported_generic_subarches[] = {
>     "dove",

 matches mach-dove, no plat-dove

>     "omap",

 matches plat-omap, but no mach-omap (mach-omap1 supports OMAP1xxx and
 mach-omap2 supports OMAP 2+ -- 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx).

>     "omap4",

 doesn't match any plat or mach dir

>     "mx51",

 neither does this

> and machine mappings has:
>     { "Freescale MX51 Babbage Board", "imx5" }, /* iMX51 reference hardware. */

 plat-imx5 is a name which was used in the Freescale BSP which also used
 mach-imx51 in the past.

> Would it break 'others' configurations if we set/change 'mx5' as
> subarchitecture, which seems to be the most reasonable one at the
> moment.

 I think you really want to go for mx5; as this was never supported in
 Debian so far, that should be ok; if you need to change existing
 imx5/mx51 bits, poke the Ubuntu folks (or I can forward) as it might
 impact them.

 I've commented in Debian #612376 on why we want mx5; quoting myself:
                                          """Currently, the upstream
 kernel doesn't support building both i.MX51 and i.MX53 in the same
 kernel but the Linux Linaro branch and the Freescale BSP kernel do;
 also, I think the patches by Eric Miao allowing this (runtime phys
 offset patches -- i.MX51 has phys RAM at 0x90000000 while i.MX53 has it
 at 0x70000000, see arch/arm/mach-mx5/Makefile.boot) are pending in
 Sacha Hauer's tree, but I'm not entirely sure.

 Technically, mx5 would only support mx51 right now, but would soon
 allow supporting mx53 as well, notably for mx53loco / quickstart boards
 which I bet a bunch of Debian ARM users will get."""

 In the kernel, there's plat-mxc, mach-imx, mach-mx3 and mach-mx5.  I
 expect Debian will want to support popular mach-mx5 hardware for i.MX51
 (Efika MX Smartbook and Smarttop) and i.MX53 (Freescale MX53LOCO /
 Quickstart board).

 Also note that the currently supported subarches in Debian ARM are:
 - iop32x (matches mach-iop32x, not plat-iop -- there are some other
 - kirkwood (matches mach-kirkwood, no plat-kirkwood I think it's
 - ixp4xx (matches mach-ixp4xx, no plat-ixp4xx -- not sure what it uses)
 - orion5x (matches mach-orion5x, no plat-orion5x I think it's also
 - versatile (matches mach-versatile and plat-versatile)

 So mach-* has been very consistent in Debian ARM kernel flavors.

Loïc Minier

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