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Re: Suggestions for a SheevaPlug replacement

If price is a large consideration, then you're really looking at
mass-market / consumer devices.

. Linux-based NAS devices (remove and sell the hard disk, and replace
with SSD/ decent SD etc.).  I've used the Buffalo linkstations.  The
newer models have quickish CPUs but may be a bit short of RAM for you
(256M), but some of them have a DDR2 SODIMM socket, I believe.

. Android devices (if you want really cheap, then go for a second-hand
one on ebay, with a broken screen) - most of them will act as a USB
host, but you may have to make a custom cable.  Some of the tablets have
multiple USB host ports.

I've found USB networking pretty stable (can dig out the devices I've
used if you like), but I have deployed 20+ devices which have been on
24/7 for years, some of which exchange terrabytes of data per month.


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