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Re: X video drivers appropriate for ARM?

On 24/03/11 23:26, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> I see this includes -vesa, although as Luke pointed out perhaps since
> it's an x86 bios function it is not needed on armel?  It's a tiny, tiny
> driver so definitely no biggy to keep it in if there's any conceivable
> doubt that it might be needed, but afaik there's no way for it to work
> on armel.

It's certainly not current, and it probably doesn't even support armel,
but I once worked with a CAT ARM box with PCI and an x86 BIOS that ran
under emulation --- primarily used to run the video card's bootstrap ROM
to initialise the hardware.

I suspect that the emulator (which was painfully slow) wasn't available
once Linux has booted, but I mention this purely as a warning not to
underestimate the weirdness of some of the hardware out there...

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