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Re: Reports of successful Squeeze upgrades

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 07:07, Groug <groug@free.fr> wrote:

> I have (or better say had) a nslu2 running lenny. I've dist-upgraded
> to squeeze: no errors but the nslu2 won't reboot: during the boot
> sequence, the usb hard disk gets shutdowned and nothing more
> happens. Fortunately, I could restore the flash with a working lenny
> image. For the moment, I have squeeze running on a lenny kernel...
> I'd like to investigate. Does anyone has a suggestion ?

I did a full upgrade from lenny to squeeze yesterday and it worked
without a problem. I followed the upgrade procedure recommended in the
release notes [1]. Specifically, I did the minimal system upgrade,
then upgraded udev and the kernel, and then did a full upgrade.

Does your system have a RAID or are you using LVM? Also, did you do
the conversion from device-based naming to UUID-based naming? Are you
sure that you have upgraded both udev and the kernel? According to the
release notes, the squeeze udev will not work properly with the lenny
kernel. Do you have a rootdelay parameter set for your lenny kernel
command line? If so, you will need to set that parameter again for the
squeeze image using apex-env.


[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/armel/release-notes/

Gordon Farquharson
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