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Re: ARMv4-support in armel/squeeze?

> Technically old "arm" port can be kept alive with few active volunteers, as
> an unofficial port hosted at debian-ports.org. There a few builder machines
> that used to build the arm port and will become idle once oldstable security
> support is gone. If someone wants to volunteer to restart the oldabi arm
> support, I'm sure handover of access to those machines can be done.

 can it be determined:  have the packages built by these machines
"crossed over to the dark side" of the circular-build-dependency
barrier(s) yet?

 ... btw how the bloody hell did these CBDs end up in debian in the
first place?? it seems like complete utter madness.

 ... i _assume_ that it is somehow possible to catch up, by
progressing through the older versions of debian/stable?


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