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Re: ARMv4-support in armel/squeeze?

> I believe that the v4-support in the toolchain was eventually done,
> but I'm not sure if it's mainlined, and we definately haven't changed
> the default Debian build. Can someone who knows/recalls the details
> tell us what the cost of building armel for v4 would be, and if it is
> actually possible currently?

AFAIK it hasn't been touched since it was implemented, but I wouldn't expect 
significant bitrot.

In short you need to build with -march=armv4, and pass either
--fix-v4bx or --fix-v4bx-interworking to the linker.

The former generates binaries that are not EABI compliant, and effectively v4 
only. This has no additional overhead compared to armv4t, but if you run such 
code on a system with Thumb shared libraries then it will break.

The latter generates code which is fully EABI compliant, and works on later 
systems.  However it does incur some additional runtime cost. It replaces 
every indirect branch (including function returns) with a test/conditional 
branch stub.  Unfortunately this doesn't quite work out of the box.  While the 
EABI allows condition codes to be clobbered over a call, a couple of routines 
in libgcc[1] use a special calling convention and I never got round to fixing 
them.  The fix should be fairly straightforward now we have the .inst 
directive.  If anyone has actual users then I can make a patch.


[1] Specifically aeabi_cfcmpeq and aeabi_cdcmpeq.

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