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Re: A question about running debian in a emulator

+++ Bin (Bin) Shi [2010-12-15 17:00 +0800]:
> Hello,
> I have no hardware platforms that debian 5 support, and debian 5 don’t support
> my platform (Samsung smdk2410).

That's an ARM 920T - (samsung S3C2410 CPU). 64MRAM, 16MB NOR, SD/MMC

Debian do not supply a kernel for this machine, but if you have a
2.6.32 or thereabouts kernel then I see no obvious reason why Debian 5
(lenny) shouldn't run on this board, installed to an SD card. Debian
armel is built for v4t architecture which this board is. Due to the
limited resource and the probable need for a cross-install, using
Emdebian Grip might be helpful. 

> So I intend to running debian 5 in a simulator. Which is recommended? Qemu or
> others ?

Not sure there are any others that support arm. So it's qemu or qemu. 

> How can I do it? Is there some documents that can help me?

There are. None that give detailed instructions for your board
particularly so far as I know, but I'd say these pages will be useful
starting points:

For running debian-arm in QEMU:

For creating a bootable image for your board:

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