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Re: arm to armel and the missing ingredients

+++ Jeffrey Green [2010-11-22 06:12 -0500]:
> After making it to the other side of that river without a serial port upgrade on my slugs, I can comment
> on a few of the items not mentioned in the Debian Wiki Howto [1]. 

That's really useful info. Thak you far taking the trouble to write it
dow. Can you add it to the http://wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiHowto? (or
do a new page with the slug crossgrade info refrenceed from there?)

This will make life enormousely easier for anyone following you. 

Even just a link from there to this email in the archives will be helpful.

I'm sure you are not the last because I haven't done mine yet. :-)

Your working kernel binaries would also be useful just to save others
the faff of rebuilding that. A debian package would be even better of


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