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Re: Emdebian ARM Sprint

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 9:43 PM, Konstantinos Margaritis
<markos@genesi-usa.com> wrote:

> I don't know about what firmware and libraries you are talking about, but at
> least the toolchain that I am using for armhf is Debian's own gcc with
> Linaro
> patches enabled.

 you start at malideveloper.com to get the linux kernel module
aaand... that's it.  that's where the "supply chain" ends (except
under NDA, with the actual fab licensee of the ARM CPU with the MALI
GPU in it)

> As for the hardware, we (Genesi) have already given a
> significant number of ARM devices (in total ~100 Smarttops and Smartbooks)
> to selected Debian developers (and Ubuntu and Linaro developers as well
> as others) to work on exactly this issue: better free software support for
> those devices. This specific hardware will also be available at the sprint
> -in
> fact, every developer that will attend the sprint will get a free unit
> there,


> I don't disagree. It is a valid issue. But the topic of the thread IS the
> sprint,
> which was initiated by Debian and Genesi and then ARM got into the picture
> by providing the place for the sprint. For that alone I am grateful. Even
> more
> so, we can talk to them about those issues /when/ we get there.
> So please, can we get back to the sprint discussion?


 so.  what plans are there to test, by compiling, 3D and Video Decode
applications across the disparate range we're likely to see, when some
of the 3D engines and some of the Video Decode integrated units
require non-free firmware and non-free toolchains?

 whilst NEON instructions are "generic" and thus can be arranged to be
tested, some units will have proprietary MPEG decode units [okay,
let's not get arsey about MPEG patents etc.... :) it _is_ possible to
do "individual instances" of inventions, i think compiling source code
falls under that :) ] whilst others will have on-board OMAP DSPs with
a Board Support Package supplied by Texas Instruments; and in the case
of the 3D engines you have PowerVR SGX/530/540 (proprietary), NVidia
Tegra (proprietary), GC600 (proprietary) and MALI (proprietary).

is anyone planning to bring OMAP35xx-based systems? (i'll be bringing
4 in case anyone wants to play - beagleboard, IGEPv2, chinese-clone of
a beagleboard and an ODroid).


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