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Re: Step 6, or how to boot into single user mode on a nslu2

On 07/07/2010 01:36 PM, Jeffrey B. Green wrote:
Wookey writes:
+++ Jeffrey B. Green [2010-07-07 10:00 -0400]:
I have a couple of slugs both running debian arm and am now very much
aware of the fact that squeeze has dropped arm from the distributions in
favor of armel. The only migration procedure that I have discovered so
far is the one on the ArmEabiHowto, e.g. the section "Migrating arm
installation to arm EABI installation". Althought the procedure is more
of a "re-install" approach, which is okay I suppose, the rough point in
the procedure is step 6 where it says:

6 boot into single user mode and make sure there is no processess

So far, I not found a clear description of that step.

telinit 1

I.e. just drop back into single user mode after booting up. If so, then
trying it out just now kills my ssh link via dropbear.

I put this exercise to the side for awhile. It's also been a very busy summer here. When I got back to it via experimenting with accessing a slug via the USB-as-serial-port technique, I read up a bit more on the runlevels and more important manipulating them and came up with the correct expression, e.g. (telinit 1; telinit S). I also had to stick the dropbear startup into the rcS.d directory. A simple telinit 1 for whatever reason does not work. I guess the init.d/single script does not actually put the machine into single user mode.

Regarding accessing the slug via the USB, the trick is using an USB serial adapter with the software combo of ttyd & telnetd on the slug, and termnetd and termnet on the machine to access the slug. (For some reason, the ttyd daemon isn't starting up at boot.../e/default settings are okay...dunno.) Getting the serial settings right on the accessing machine was a bit of a chore.


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