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Re: [Qnap TS-210] don't boot anymore

Le jeudi 23 septembre 2010 à 07:24:48, Chris Moore a écrit :
>   Hi all,


> RS232C ports are getting rare on PCs :(

What? even my laptop has one! ;P

Yeah, I was surprised too.  It's a 2-year old Clevo.  Don't know 
why they put it there but it seems it will be handy.
Desktop mother boards seem to still have one too (at least those 
I bought recently).  They just don't ship the connector anymore 
(MB to card-plate connector).  Keeping the old stuff can be 

> For serial consoles I use modified USB download cables
> intended for oldish mobile phones.
> (Old mobile phones need USB to RS232-like serial conversion
> but with outputs at TTL levels.
> Unfortunately recent ones are USB directly so the download
> cables are just straight wires.)
> For my LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini V2 NAS, I use a DKU-5 cable
> intended for old Nokia mobiles as I described here:
> http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=71.
> I bought mine off eBay for about $4.

Well eBay isn't what I would call "trustworthy"... But as I've 
just answered to Hai Nguyen Dang, I can muster all the parts. 
I'm just lazy :)

 Sylvain Sauvage

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