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Re: Kurobox Pro recovery

Dear John,

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 15:09, John DiMarco <jdd@cs.toronto.edu> wrote:
> I haven't had any luck whatsoever (partially for lack of time to work on
> it), and nobody (until you) replied to my message, so I'm really glad you
> sent me your note.

Did you find any time to test my previous suggestion of booting with
the foonas-em kernel/initrd, set the environment variables and install
a full-powered Debian system? I would like to know.

> I've also got a linkstation live that I need to upgrade, so I'm hoping the
> kurobox approach will work for that.  Though I can always revert that to
> the buffalo firmware using tftp if necessary, not an option for the kurobox.

What exactly is the issue that you have with the linkstation? And
which linkstation is that one?

> That seems really helpful, I'll definitely keep a pointer to it, thanks.

You're welcome. Please, just keep in mind that that particular page is
mostly talking about a PowerPC-based kurobox, but some of the
information is also relevant to other embedded arches using uBoot.

> It's nice to know someone on the debian list is still using the Kurobox;

Yes, I have three Kuroboxes: 2 that are PPC-based and the more
powerful one that Martin sent me. I am starting to fix things and I
hope to be able to develop things further. In particular, I want to
see why micro-evtd is not speeding up the fan (or I may not be hearing
very well).


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