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debian-armhf buildds operational

Hi all,

at last! The buildds are operational! 



you can see the 3 builders building the debian packages (I'm setting up two 
more as I write this). For a start we have to build ~1900 packages and the 
rest will follow :)

Reg. the technical setup, I used NBD as a block device serving method, 
performance is quite good and I haven't noticed any slowdown yet. I think with 
5 nodes it's going to be a respectable performance, if there is a need to 
enable the rest 5 efikas I have here, I can always use a second ethernet 
adaptor on the server (which btw, is a Pegasos II again from Genesi, running 
Debian :). In short 5 buildds + 1 NBD server at less than 100Wts (the Efika is 
at ~7Wts and the Pegasos II ~40Wts :)

The next step is starting to send patches to Debian itself and working on the 
Debian Installer -which I already have something worked on.

Many many thanks to Aurelien(aurel32) and Hector(zumbi) for their precious 
help, without them I'd probably be at step zero still.



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