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OpenRD-Client: Booting from MTD flash

Hi all,

I want to install Debian testing on my OpenRD-Client box. I need the
root filesystem (which will live on an internal SATA hard drive) to be
encrypted and want to wipe the stock Fedora install and use the entire
MTD flash for boot purposes.

How do I do the wipe? (I *really* want to keep U-Boot and don't feel
like experimenting!)

Since the only filesystems supported by U-Boot (at least the version on
the OpenRD-Client) are FAT and ext2, neither of which works on MTD
flash, a separate /boot partition on the MTD flash does not seem to be
an option, so how do I get my kernels (+ initramfs images) on the MTD
flash such that automatic updates Just Work?

I guess some magic in /etc/kernel-img.conf will do the trick but what
exactly? What are others doing? Any ideas?



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