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Re: Failing to boot from sd card

Shiva Bhattacharjee wrote (ao):
>    Looking at Martin's site, I didn't see the note on the broken installer,
>    so I assumed things are working.*My installation completed fine, but while
>    booting from my sd card, its just hangs mid-way.
>    As you can see *in the log fsck is failing with the following error...not
>    sure if this is ominous or not.*
>    /dev/mmcblk0p1: 19/109728 files (10.5% non-contiguous), 28733/219136
>    blocks
>    fsck died with exit status 1
>    I did add several extra packages aside from just the core installation,
>    namely sshd, cups, web server.*Should I try do something else, other than
>    retry the install?

I would:
o give it some time (looks like something needs to timeout)
o boot in single user mode (S)
o boot with init=/bin/bash

in that order.

FWIW, your fs seems oke.


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