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Re: armelfp: new architecture name for an armel variant

Loïc Minier a écrit :
>  In fact, I chatted with a couple of people about this port, with the
>  proposal that we should have an ad hoc BoF at Debconf to chose a good
>  name.
>  During these chats, I heard other suggestions around a new port
>  notably, optimizing for much more recent CPUs such as armv7+.  Ubuntu
>  did see quite a difference by moving all the way up to armv7 + thumb-2.
>  Some technical issues to be aware of:
>  * hard float needs gcc 4.5 or a bunch of patches from 4.4; CodeSourcery
>    GCC 4.4 (and hopefully soon Linaro GCC 4.4) has these
>  * hard float is quite a win on Cortex A8, but might be much less so
>    on A9 -- I think on the long term we want hard float support in a
>    port
>  * there's the question of which vfp version we turn on, vfpv3 is not
>    supported on all armv7 SoCs (e.g. Marvell's Dove only supports
>    vfpv3-d16)
>  * some libraries need porting to hard-float, such as libffi and others

One more technical issue, though not directly related to ARM: we need to
upgrade the hard drives on the debian-ports.org machine before accepting
a new port. Nothing hudge, but that may introduce a bit of delay.

Alternatively we can move one port (SH4 ?) to the official Debian
archive ;-)

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