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Re: armelfp: new architecture name for an armel variant

> On 12/07/10 14:34, Paul Brook wrote:
> > Anything that relies on the target triplet is going to break as soon
> > as you move outside a pure Debian system. i.e. any patches relying on
> > a particular target triplet are inherently Debian specific, and IMO
> > should never be pushed upstream.
> Which is why we're trying to get it agreed upstream in advance. If they
> say no, then that'll be the end of it, and we'll have to do as you suggest.

Any configure script that infers the ABI from the target triplet is 
fundamentally broken. It is wrong to assume that arm-eabi is soft-float 
and arm-hf-eabi uses the VFP ABI. We may decide to make this assumption hold 
within Debian (thought even that is somewhat questionable if you consider 
multiarch systems), but is definitely not true outside those constraints


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