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Re: armelfp: new architecture name for an armel variant

On 12/07/10 14:34, Paul Brook wrote:
Anything that relies on the target triplet is going to break as soon
as you move outside a pure Debian system. i.e. any patches relying on
a particular target triplet are inherently Debian specific, and IMO
should never be pushed upstream.

Which is why we're trying to get it agreed upstream in advance. If they
say no, then that'll be the end of it, and we'll have to do as you suggest.

The only way to reliably determine the current ABI is to ask the
compiler, probably checking for a preprocessor macro that doesn't
exist yet :-/

We have a bug to fix this:

Once I get to this and push it upstream debian should be able to
backport it easy enough, as can anybody else.


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